The importance of investing in workplace coaching

Aug 9, 2023 | Ladder News, News

Performance Through People's chief executive, Rob Colbourne
Workplace coaching plays a pivotal role in fostering employee growth, improving performance, and creating a positive organisational culture, according to Performance Through People (PTP).

Rob Colbourne, chief executive of PTP Training, explained that workplace coaching also contributed to the overall success of any organisation by cultivating capable, confident, and motivated employees.

Mr Colbourne said: “As lead provider for the Ladder for Staffordshire campaign, PTP Training is delighted to see that many of its delivery partners are now offering the Coaching Professional Level 5 Apprenticeship, which was revised in April 2022.

“There has been a growing demand for the professionalisation of coaching to include one-to-one coaching, team coaching and leadership coaching, as well as coaching skills to be embedded within the culture of business to support future ways of working.

“By having a coaching culture, it is proven that positive coaching boosts self confidence and self-esteem, enhances communication skills and can help develop leadership skills among employees not just managerial roles.

“We believe this approach can contribute to a stronger leadership pipeline within any organisation.”

Kevin Davis, chairman of the Ladder for Staffordshire, agreed with Mr Colbourne’s enthusiasm for workplace coaching.

Mr Davis said: “The Coaching Professional Level 5 Apprenticeship was written by industry experts and included representatives from government office, a variety of NHS Trust, construction and environment agencies.

“Organisations that invest in employee development through coaching are more likely to retain their top talent.

“When employees feel supported and see opportunities for growth, they are more likely to stay with a company.

“Funding is now available to support the cost of delivery which would be over a 14-month period and, subject to eligibility criteria, the maximum cost per person would be just £250.”

Anyone wanting to find out more about developing a coaching culture in their business can have a confidential discussion with a member of the Ladder team by enquiring through or emailing

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