Apprentice brothers training to take on family business

Jul 28, 2023 | News

Declan Westwood, left, and Joseph Pullen
Stepbrothers Joseph Pullen and Declan Westwood have entered their family business, D Richards Roofing, in Telford using apprenticeships as the catalyst for their training, working with Wolverhampton-based Ladder partners Juniper Training.

Although Joseph, aged 16, didn’t find school life enjoyable, he did achieve his GCSEs. However, he always had a clear desire to join the family business, engaging in practical hands-on work.

Declan, 21, studied IT for two years at college before realising he didn’t want to work in an office environment, preferring to be outdoors.

Their parents were also keen for their sons to undertake an apprenticeship in order to gain the relevant skills, knowledge and behaviours for this industry, so contacted Juniper Training and in October 2022 both were signed up onto the Roofer L2 apprenticeship standard, specialising in waterproof roofing.

Ten months into their apprenticeship, Joe and Declan have progressed significantly. They have move beyond being labourers and now actively apply the skills acquired during their off-the-job training weeks with Juniper to various tasks within the company.

Future apprentices

Their contributions have increased overall productivity, as well as sharing their new found knowledge with other team members, ensuring everyone stays informed of latest legislation, products and application techniques.

Andrew Pullen, one of the owners of D Richards Roofing in Telford, said: “Seeing the impact we can make through the apprenticeship scheme is heart-warming and the lads development has prompted us to consider more apprentices in the future.

“We are aware the apprentices hope to take over the business when we retire and seeing how well they are progressing is something we are confident they could achieve.”

For further information about taking on an apprentice or applying for an apprenticeship vacancy, contact or call 01902 864194.

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